At Rivera + Alejandro we provide comprehensive professional architectural and engineering design services to our clients to meet a wide variety of project requirements. In addition to these services our team provides specialized expertise and assistance to clients researching land availability, site selection feasibility, preliminary construction costs for a proposed project, and development of the design program for a specific project. Technical support and interpretation of Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and Federal Government regulations, together with an environmental assessment of a specific project, is also available from our firm. Additionally we provide assistance in procuring funds and other financial matters related to a project. Coordination with governmental agencies can be conducted upon request for a specific project.



Schematic Phase

In this phase of the project our team will prepare schematic drawings showing the different areas and their functional relationship based on the established design program. Our preliminary construction cost is verified, and readjustments are done to the design if the project is out of budget.

Preliminary Phase

Architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical solutions are established. Preliminary drawings presenting the solutions are provided, and the construction costs of the proposed project are refined. Subsoil investigation is ordered as needed.

Final Design Phase

In this phase, construction drawings are developed. These drawings represent logical and final development of the approved preliminary design. These construction drawings detail in-full the extent of the work to be constructed. Materials, equipment workmanship and finishes required for the architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical elements of the project are specified. This phase includes the detailed site solution including all required utilities. Detailed specifications are prepared, along with the final construction estimate. All of the above, except the cost estimate, together with the bid documents, will form the Construction Documents.

Bidding & Negotiation Phase

Our team will pre-qualify prospective bidders, verify bonds, and advise the owner on bids submitted. Our team will assist the owner if negotiations between owner and bidders are required.


The supervision services will include periodical inspection of the work under construction, recommendations relative to the progress of the work, review of fabricators' and suppliers' materials and equipment, review of the periodical certificate for payment to the contractor and preparation of changes and field orders. In general, the services will protect the client against defects and deficiencies in the performance and execution of the work by the contractor. Full-time inspection of the construction process is also available from our team.


Value analysis in construction can be performed by our firm. In this technique, a systematic approach to obtain optimum value for every dollar spent is developed. Through a system of investigation at an early stage, and through the design process, unnecessary expenditures are avoided, resulting in improved value and economy. In the value engineering approach anything that adds cost to an item, without adding to its function, is eliminated. Additional information concerning these services is available upon request.


Our team can advise a client on energy conservation techniques. Within these services, we will evaluate existing energy consuming elements of a facility. An alternative approach to existing conditions will be recommended in order to comply with state and federal regulation codes. Additional recommendations on how to solve energy and maintenance cost are also available.