RIVERA + ALEJANDRO is a multidisciplinary team of professionals grouped to provide comprehensive services in the field of architecture and engineering. Their technical staff, composed of architects and civil engineers is backed-up by consultants in the fields of electrical, geotechnical and mechanical engineering, to form a well-rounded professional team capable of successfully completing any project within the construction industry.

RIVERA + ALEJANDRO was established in 1980 by Architect Héctor M. Rivera Fragoso and Engineer José R. Alejandro García; each with more than forty (40) years of expertise in a wide range of design projects. Both partners have been fully active in the administration and direction of the firm since its inception.

RIVERA + ALEJANDRO is committed to insuring the highest quality and excellence of the services it provides. The consequence of a good design in term of its efficiency, security and aesthetics is a fundamental principle for the firm, and it is an added value to the interests of the clients. The details, the proportions, the facades, the volumes and the location of the buildings within a site of a RIVERA + ALEJANDRO design are rigorously thought through in such a way that the final design will not only comply with the client's program and objectives, but also will contribute significantly to the natural and built environment of its surroundings.

RIVERA + ALEJANDRO has been very successful with working through the complexities and challenges that the architectural and engineering fields present. This is due to their formula that combines the experience and innovation of its team. In addition to the extensive experience of the firm, its professionals are in a continuous process of renovation through continuing education, technical training, and the study and use of new construction systems, materials and new design and construction methods.

Architect Héctor Rivera, director of the architectural department of RIVERA + ALEJANDRO, has been responsible for many architectural designs of educational, institutional, recreational, residential, urban planning, interior design, and urban renewal projects. Among these were his award winning proposals "Plaza Quinto Centenario y Aparcamiento Soterrado" in Old San Juan and "Triángulo Las Nereidas" at Condado, Puerto Rico. Architect Rivera is a professional architect licensed to practice in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico with license number 7407.

Engineer José Alejandro, director of the engineering department of RIVERA + ALEJANDRO, has been involved in a wide variety of projects in the field of civil  engineering and related services such as bridge and highway facilities, hydrologic-hydraulic studies, structural design and environmental assessment studies. Engineer Alejandro is a professional engineer licensed to practice in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico with license number 5805.

RIVERA + ALEJANDRO has successfully executed services for all design phases related to the site, architectural development, structural and plumbing systems for major architectural and engineering projects. The firm’s technical support is provided by architects, engineers, computer technicians and administrative professionals as office support. The team is complemented by consultants in the related fields.